Where to get images for business

Where to get images for business

Where to get images for business


Where the images are coming from?


They are millions of images on websites, social media and the internet. Some of them are beautiful, inspiring, some resonate with you or your business and you wonder where did they come from?


Image is an intellectual property – product – created by mind supported by equipment and time involved in editing a single image. It belongs to someone until is sold or shares for free otherwise legal action may be taken against you, especially if you have a large audience. The picture is a much broader subject then an image but you may need a variety of pictures and images to communicate with your audience. You may need the pictures, images, drawing, writing fonts, logos, personalized or unique icons or vector and they are under the same legal terms umbrella. Before you get one of those, checks the rights to keep away from trouble in the as you grow bigger! You may find that some people have a very strong entitlement their work especially if they earn a living from it. 


You may create your images or outsource them. Outsourcing picture and images are the most common way of obtaining visual content for your business but there are a few factors to consider. With outsourcing, you may choose a free or paid option, it depends on the quality and quantity of images. I will quickly explain the outsourcing option and in my opinion who may or may not benefit from it.


They are a few ways to obtain the images, each option is different in price, time consumption, effort and final result. I hope the article will help you to choose the right for you now, for the future, you may mix all the outsourcing and in house method too, depending on your resources and company size.


Using a commercial photographer – this is maybe an expensive way to buy the imaged but the fastest and in less time consuming for you and provided with ready images edited to the same standard and with the same editing style and technique. This source of images will be your branding signature images, can contain your logo or message created for you with your brand message. By buying images from a photographer you buy:

  • hers/his time to deliver the session at yours or another location, 
  • post-production of images to give them the character you want to achieve, this can be the most time-consuming process which you will never see and
  • finally the rights to the image. 


The benefit of using a professional photographer

My thoughts on that are that if you are using photography for the marketing for the ongoing product or service having unique brand-related image will help build you visibility and recognition. If you use a professional service the images will be relevant to your business, personal branding and are unique to you on many different levels. Owning rights to the images mean, no one, including the photographer, can use the images. If she or he wants to add your image to the portfolio it should be regulated by a contract and preferably watermarked. Any of the purchases pictures should never appear on stock photography websites or any other place.


The benefit of using a professional photographer for website content 

When you create your website you want and need to communicate with your potential customers and introduce your business to the best standards and engage with quality content and presented with high-quality relevant images. You want websites to represent you with individuality, consonance (harmony) and integrity. All images delivered by one photographer will have the same style, tone and feel to them. Harmony, relevance and design of your images show your professionalism and will build trust with your audience.


The benefit of using a professional photographer for brand strategy 

When you dive in deeper into marketing and promotion and start developing brand strategies, professional photographer help you to communicate your brand’s strategies in the way people perceive the quality and thus the value of your business Professionals understand the market and should be able to easily communicate your brand.  Understanding consumer needs, emotions, colours and brand values will make a huge difference in your conversion rate. One of the case studies found that simply changing an image on a web page can increase conversions by over 40% (tested with 11,000 visitors to each version of a web page). It is something to think about.


How to take good images for your business

Thacking images for your business can be a fun and money-saving learning curve for years to come. Make it comfortable for you, learn something each day, plan it in advance and with a purpose. You enhance customer engagement with a personal touch and introduce your business and the brand. Learning your gear, editing technique and software, doing research and planning, can be time-consuming and overwhelming to start with but like all knowledge when it sinks in is yours! With time and experience get easier and easier.

Making and editing images yourself can give you a sense of achievement, satisfaction but do not try to compete with professional as yet. If you dedicate too much time to this one task, your business will suffer. The proficiency comes with time, experience and hard work. For now, concentrate on learning in it segments. If you settle to create your own images, start learning what makes a good image.  Which image engages and communicates well with your audience.

But before you make your own, make sure that your current media are filled with beautiful images and meaningful images which help your business grow. Research new images ideas see if you can replace an old one with new ones and while you research for new images, understand what resonates with you, why not others. Please remember that the pictures must communicate and engage with your customer and not with you. 

Outsourcing images for business

Try fast and free ways to get some images without using Google Images but if you want to USE them for your business read below.


Google Images – it can take some time with understanding the keywords you are using, some of them image title will be incorrect, random or at all. It can be time-consuming and keep taking you to the paid websites where you can purchase it. So the best and quickest option is to go to Google search your keyword and when you see result chose the Image > Advanced search. In Advanced Image Search, you will find * type of images like photo or art clip and the one important for now are the usage rights  It contains 5 categories:

  • not filtered by licence

  • free to use or share

  • free to use or share, even commercially

  • free to use or share or modify

  • free to use or share or modify even commercially

For this blog, we will look only at the “even commercially” explain by Google as; Commercially: If you want content for commercial use, be sure to select an option that includes the word “commercially.”. By choosing one of these options may strip down a lot of possibilities so filter by even commercially before you start searching to avoid disappointments of finding the perfect image but not suitable for business use.


Stock images websites – where you chose one of the stock providers to buy necessary images. You have a large chose and some may have fee mages which will cost you only an email. You can explore the Shutterstock, Alamy, 500px, Istockphoto. The is a different entry-level to them all. You may want to pay for a single image now and then or have access to limited or unlimited images portfolio per week, month or year. If it is your business you should know it well what will work for you, without wasting your money for paying for more than you need burning away your hard-earned $, £ or € (as this is what some of them hope so). 


In conclusion


There are a few ways to get good images for your business:

  • Using a commercial photographer,
  • Taking your images for your business,
  • Google Imagesfree to use or share, even commercially,
  • Using stock images websites.


Thank you for staying with me